Marilyn Monologues – Hill of Founland an Hill of Tillymorgan

Lairge lorries whizzed past at an alarmin proximity an velocity as we marched doon een o the A96’s soakit verges. We hid stairted oor first Marilyn baggin adventure in a laybi aroon haulfwiy atween Inverurie an Huntly in rural Aiberdeenshire. Followin directions extracted fae…


The Alternative Eurovision Review (Scots)

I cuid hiv spent Saturday nicht waashin ma hair, bit thoucht I’d be mair eese providing an irrelevant an ill-informed insight intae the Eurovision 2021 Sang Contest whilk naebody asked fur. Broadcast live intae ma sittin’ room faar I’m spending a Seturday evening in ma ain company, the follaein lays oot ma live reactions taeContinue reading “The Alternative Eurovision Review (Scots)”