My Week in Running – Edition Two

Two runs logged, and half last week’s mileage covered over the last seven days. It’s been a coffee fuelled anxiety disrupted week where running has taken the back seat. Nonetheless, there’s been some important lessons learned. Principally, the value of going outdoors in times of stress and turmoil. In recent days I’ve overlooked this, gluedContinue reading “My Week in Running – Edition Two”

My Week in Running – Edition One

This week started and ended with hills. Gladly, I reached the top of them all, but not without some seemingly interminable struggle first. Is this relatable to a student embarking on his fourth year of studies? Perhaps. That aside, the running week started proper on Tuesday with a slog up Gordon’s Brae to the northContinue reading “My Week in Running – Edition One”

Marilyn Monologues – Meall Alvie and Creag Ghiubhais

There was some mild confusion followed by a simultaneous cry of joy with the realisation that Callum McGregor’s shot had tickled the back of Croatia’s net. Rory and I even thought the Croatians had doubled their lead. Driving back down Deeside, it was sometimes difficult to take in…

Morrone Hill Race 2021 – Race Report

Legs bloodied and chest pounding I descended tentatively into the Gathering Arena for one final lap in front of the spectators. The last 35 minutes had been a rare lesson in pain. This largely offset by the thrill of being able to race again for the first time since September 2019. Saturday morning was spentContinue reading “Morrone Hill Race 2021 – Race Report”

The Alternative Eurovision Review (Scots)

I cuid hiv spent Saturday nicht waashin ma hair, bit thoucht I’d be mair eese providing an irrelevant an ill-informed insight intae the Eurovision 2021 Sang Contest whilk naebody asked fur. Broadcast live intae ma sittin’ room faar I’m spending a Seturday evening in ma ain company, the follaein lays oot ma live reactions taeContinue reading “The Alternative Eurovision Review (Scots)”

The Alternative Eurovision Review

I could have spent Saturday night washing my hair, but I thought I’d be better providing an irrelevant and ill-informed insight into Eurovision 2021 which literally no one asked for. Broadcast live into my sitting room where I’m spending a Saturday evening in my own company, the following lays out my live reactions to allContinue reading “The Alternative Eurovision Review”